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This is the first CD in a landmark series. The Golden Age of American Rock N' Roll series gathers up a smorgasbord of choice songs from the minor artists of the early rock era. The makers of this series went through a painstaking effort to find the finest original tapes. Many of the songs included here appeared in good fidelity for the first time on this album. A "must have" for the serious oldies collector. Other volumes in this series are found below, page 2, page 4, page 6 and page 8.
If you like a lot of the songs on this CD you will definitely want to check out the spectacular Nuggets box set on page 9.
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  • C0001 The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll Vol 2 $17.98

  • The second CD in a landmark series, it made available many great songs that desperately needed to see the light of day. The Golden Age of American Rock N' Roll series upped the ante in what to consider when looking for a quality issue (for example, this is the only CD we've seen that contains the complete full-length version of "Memphis" by Lonnie Mack). Again, the makers of this series used the finest original tapes. This CD is imperative in any oldies collection. Other volumes in this series are found above, page 2, page 6 and page 8.