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Your good fortune in finding this site will change your life. This is one of those rare places where you can go beyond the top 500 common oldies format. Here you will find music from rock's early years that is as eclectic and creative as today's cutting edge alternative rock. At Oldies Museum you will find salient oldies that stand on their own merit whether or not they were top hits. Many of your future favorites will be songs you never knew existed. Listen to the music samples. You'll agree. Take time to discover them now. This is your chance to make them yours.

Oldies Museum lets you make the informed decision

Have you ever wondered how many CD's in a catalog you would really want if you could know what was on each CD? Oldies Museum allows you to do just that. You get the full track listing and you get to listen to snippets of key songs on each CD. You can purchase any of this music on CD from the Oldies Museum gift shop while the songs remain in print. Just click the link to the gift shop and follow the ordering instructions.

First rate CD's

We have done extensive research to present you CD's with first rate sound quality. This means you get CD's mastered from session masters where possible. Where master tapes no longer exist we focus on CD's where the issuer had made a serious attempt to find the highest fidelity source available. This can occasionally mean a well preserved 45 RPM record where tapes no longer exist. This may happen when an issuer puts together rare music issued by tiny independent labels. If you have any questions about any CD feel free to e-mail us.

FREE music search service

You can enlist the expertise of Oldies Museum to help you track down that song that has been your "holy grail." What song would you like to see on CD? Do you know the title or artist? What dominant line do you remember in the song? We might be able to help you. Between our large database, reference library and sheer expertise there is a fighting chance you can lock in on that song. This service is free at this time. Direct your inquiries by e-mail to and we will personally do the research.

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